God's Waiting Room

A waiting room has a purpose for God's intention and His outcome. As grim and bitter as it may seem, the waiting room has an intense purpose. Your time spent is impacted by your overall experience with God. The purpose of a waiting room is designed to validate the decision on whether or not to expedite the importance of your need. Are you desperate for your Lord? It is a precious time for you to be transparent with God and reveal the most intimate and vulnerable parts of yourself.

It is a place where you disclose the quality of your need to your King. Though this place can be exhausting, it is not a place of neglect from the Almighty.
He is waiting on you for a purpose and for you to be faithful to Him as He pours out strength, hope and trust into your inner being.

God's intention for His waiting room is for your benefit. He didn't design a particular situation to make you feel miserable. He designed it so you can live for Him. He wants to purify you and have you to grow up in Him. You cannot grow into what God has for you until you learn to walk in obedience in Him. His intention is for you to desire Him above all.

He wants to lead and guide your life, but you have to listen to His voice. Your King wants to hear your praises in the midst of confusion, noise, distractions and pain. Do you love Him in the center of your trials? His intention while you are waiting is orchestrated for you to placed in a holding pattern until He is enough for you.

Your Prince's outcome for you is His master plan. He wants to grant you a new experience and perspective on who He is in your life. He wants to teach you how to depend upon Him with all of your soul and mind. His love for you is so real that there is nothing He wouldn't do for you. You have to trust Him. His outcome is designed to help you depend and and have assurance His master plan.

Your story was written by the Almighty before you were ever born. Don't give up if you are in a waiting room? Your attitude towards His trust and goodness in every moment of your life will determine how long you wait. Have you touched the heart of your King? His outcome is for you to have a love relationship with Him. He wants to reward you far greater than you could ever imagine. Give your Lord all of you, trust in His voice and depend upon Him to establish a new birth composed of total dependence of His Will for you life.

Leslie Marks FNP-BC



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